Suffering from mental illness? Discuss with the person you’re dating

This blog is all about discussing the illness with the person you’re dating. As we all know people suffer from mental illness. It is not something a person should have to hide. It is normal nowadays like any other illness and with time and cares it will be fine. If you are one of them who is suffering from the same then it’s totally okay. Just tell your partner about your mental illness as it is important to discuss with them. Your partner deserves to know about it, also it’ll be helpful for you to gain their support and understanding.

If you find it difficult to do a conversation with your partner, then below are some tips that can surely help you to when and how to disclose.
When is a good time to disclose?
It all depends on you that when you really want to talk with your partner about this illness. There is no best time to do a serious conversation. But, there are certain moments that may be easier for you to talk with the partner.
When you feel comfortable with them
You can wait for the right moment like for the weeks and even a couple of month to get a person. It all depends on you as you know your partner well. It depends on you how much time you need to comfortably talk with your partner. And yes keep in mind that if it’s the right person, then they will appreciate you in this situation and will become your strength in this difficult time.
When you need support
It could happen that you don’t get the chance to tell your partner before you experience severe signs while you are with them, even this can work. You can tell your partner everything. There is no need to hide your feeling, what you’re going through. By seeing your symptoms they can believe the heaviness of your condition.
When they tell you about their issues
If they told you everything about their life major problems, then it is very obvious that they are comfortable with you and that means they are open to listening to your problems too. So, be open to them and discuss your problem, they will surely understand it.
When they ask you about your problem
It is possible that your partner may notice the symptoms or a change in behavior and they can ask you about it. So, this is the right time when you can tell them about your mental illness. Even if you weren’t ready for that moment, go and talk to them about this matter.

How to do a conversation with your partner
It is obvious that it may not easy for you to do a conversation with your partner with this topic. But you should understand that you are very strong, if you can handle this illness, you are strong enough to tell your partner about this situation. Below are some points which can help you. They are:
Be honest and humble
You are a part of their life so be honest towards your problems. They will understand it and also your sickness is a part of your life which don’t need to hide. Open yourself up and tell them what you need and want to tell them.
Try not to panic
“It is obvious that you can panic when you tell your partner about your mental illness, so you should relax if you can. Just think that if your partner is the right person for you then, your mental illness won’t scare them away. “ says Ashton Markell, one of the psychological expert at AllHomeworkHelp.
Do it only if you are fully prepared
Keep in mind that talk to your partner only if you feel that you’re fully prepared for it. Many times people feel pressured by their family, friends or even society to disclose their issues to their beloved partners, but it’s totally your decision, whether you are prepared for it or not? If you are ready, then go ahead, but if you are not then you should listen to your instincts.
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Posted on February 5, 2020