By using the cyprus passport by investment, it will help you in acquiring Cyprus citizenship with no or minimum hassles. So why struggle to get a citizenship in Cyprus? The following are some of the benefits that you are likely going to enjoy when you achieve that:

• You will have the right to work as well as live in all the countries that belong to the European Union
• You will get protection by authorities of European Union countries
• You will have the right to vote as well as stand for any European parliament elections
• You will free move services, goods, and capital
• You will be in a position to travel to over 158 countries in the world which include Canada and European union
• The citizenship is transferable meaning, you can readily pass your citizenship to your future generation
• Since it allows for dual citizenship, you will keep your original citizenship
• You can obtain your citizen by investment between 3 months to 6 months.
• Immediately a joint application for citizen and residency by investment is submitted, you will get a Cyprus residence permit issued in five days
• Before obtaining citizenship, there are no minimum requirements for residency
• There are renowned universities in Cyprus which give out free education to Cyprions. It is a benefit that can easily be extended to other EU universities that have the same options.
• Certificates, diplomas and degrees which are offered in Cyprus are recognized in all EU countries and vice versa
• As a permanent residency, you will be able to receive a state medical card when you register your social insurance. This particular card is the one that will grant you the privilege of getting treatment and care at subsidized costs or for free in some institutions.
• You will have the right to work, live and study in any of the EU countries.

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