Web Design Mistakes That Cost You Money

You’ve just had a brand-new website designed that looks great and is informative; however, this doesn’t guarantee that it’ll attract customers to your brand.

Elara Web, a website design peterborough, has shared some of the common usability flaws they come across with their website redesign services.

If there is not a call to action (CTA) present, they will not necessarily take the action you want them to. Including a button to make a booking, send a message or ask for help are all common forms of CTA and entice the user into taking that next step, rather than just viewing the website. The goal of a CTA is to generate leads, make sales, or allow users to navigate to a landing page with more information.

Elara Web also found that lots of companies will commonly develop their website and then leave it to be stagnant for years. Crucial business information changes, technology in their industry improves, prices change, but their website stays the same, just like a time capsule. Keeping content relevant fuels the user with trust, and they’re far more likely to use your services or buy your products if they’re confident that the business is active within the industry.

Finally, mobile responsiveness plays a considerable part. With the vast majority of traffic not visiting from a mobile or tablet, not optimising your website for these devices makes your site hard to use and frustrates the user, which no doubt will add to your bounce rate negatively. A Google survey advises that over half of users say they would be less likely to use a website if they have had a bad experience using its mobile site.

If you are local to the area and want to improve the performance of your website, Elara Web work locally to provide web design in Peterborough for businesses, start-ups, bloggers, and national chains to enhance your site and improve user conversion rates.

Posted on February 5, 2020